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Radio 4’s PM features CN Bio Human Organ-on-Chips

Listen to Radio 4’s flagship PM programme with Caroline Quinn interview CN Bio Innovations’ CEO Dr Emma Sceats. Emma describes London-based CN Bio’s organ-on-chips: miniature devices that help researchers re-create the structure and function of human organs in the lab. Emma explains how the devices make human cells think they’re in the human body, and… Read more »


Hepatitis B research using CN Bio Organ-on-Chips published in Nature Communications

London, UK, February 15 2018: In an article published in Nature Communications scientists at Imperial College London have demonstrated how pathogens interact with human organ mimics. The Organ-on-Chip technology used for the studies was an artificial liver – originally developed at MIT and biotechnology company CN Bio Innovations. The Imperial team tested its response to… Read more »


Huffington Post features CN Bio

Huffington Post features CN Bio CEO: Women in Innovation: Developing ‘Organs-on-Chips’ Interview clip: “My background as a chemist means that I like precision. However, drug development is not nearly as logical as we’d like. Profound uncertainty about the likely success of drug programs can persist into late stage clinical trials – by which time millions… Read more »


CN Bio featured on the Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel features CN Bio’s human-organ-on-a-chip platforms “Innovations” on the Discovery Channel has reported on CN Bio Innovations’ technology which allows drug discovery scientists to understand with greater precision than ever before whether a new drug candidate is likely to be safe and effective. “Innovations” is hosted by Ed Begley Jr, and the CN Bio… Read more »


Al Jazeera

CN Bio Innovations features in Al Jazeera documentary “The Cure”.