MIT and CN Bio Innovations today announced that the world’s first 7-organ “Human-on-a-Chip” platform will be showcased at the Organ-on-Chip congress in Boston on the 7th and 8th of July 2016.

Under a $26M Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) contract awarded to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Continuum LLC and CN Bio Innovations the team led by MIT Professor Linda Griffith have pioneered multi-organ platforms which are already being used by pharmaceutical companies to aid their search for safer and more effective medicines.

Dr Murat Cirit, Director of the Translational Systems Pharmacology team on the $26 million DARPA-PhysioMimetics program will disclose new data developed using the 7-organ platform during his presentation entitled “Human Physiome-on-a-Chip: A Systems Pharmacology Approach”.  The first public demonstrations of the 7-organ platform will be given at the CN Bio booth in the main hall on both days of the congress.

CN Bio are platinum sponsors of the Organ-on-Chip World Congress at which keynote presentations will be given by CN Bio’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr David Hughes and MIT Professor Linda Griffith.

For more information on the conference or how to register at reduced rates, get in touch.

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