CN Bio Innovations are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Emma Sceats as Chief Executive effective 1st January 2016. Dr David Scales will remain on the board as an advisor to the company with particular emphasis on new business opportunities.

Maureen Coleman, Executive Chairman of CN Bio, said “David Scales and I are delighted to appoint Emma as his successor. The board thanks David for his excellent stewardship of the company since 2013 during which time the company has grown and expanded to become a major force in organ-on-chip technologies.

Dr Sceats holds Masters and doctorate degrees in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Oxford, and joined CN Bio in 2010 from a role in technology licensing at Isis Innovation, the University of Oxford’s office of technology transfer. At CN Bio Dr Sceats has led sales, partnering and in-licensing initiatives which have resulted in development of the company’s most significant intellectual property, products and services. In the past three years she has completed deals with more than twenty pharmaceutical companies, and in her capacity as Chief Operating Officer oversaw relocation of the company in 2015 to new facilities including Containment Level 3 labs in Welwyn Garden City.

Chairman Maureen Coleman said “David Scales and I are delighted to hand leadership to the next generation. Emma Sceats and David Hughes our Chief Technical Officer have been instrumental in driving the progress and development of CN Bio. The board and investors of the company are confident that as the core of the leadership team they will continue to work together to ensure further success of the company.

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