Welwyn Garden City, UK, 12 June 2015: CN Bio Innovations, an expert in developing human organ-on-a-chip platforms to test and develop therapeutics for liver diseases and infection, is featured prominently in an article in the 13 June 2015 edition of The Economist newspaper.  The article, which describes the company’s organ-on-chip platform LiverChip and the associated Hepatitis B infected liver-on-a-chip model known as Quantum-B®, highlights the work of CN Bio and LiverChip® inventor Professor Linda Griffith (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) alongside other pioneers in the field including Professors Don Ingber (Harvard/Wyss Institute) and Kevin Healy (Berkeley).

Simultaneous with today’s publication, CN Bio is pleased to announce that it has embarked on a joint research collaboration with a sixth pharmaceutical company since March 2015. The research will be based on CN Bio’s Quantum-B® model of Hepatitis B infection and leverage CN Bio’s expertise in cell culture and disease modelling.

Dr Emma Sceats, CN Bio Innovations Chief Operating Officer, said “Organ-on-chips and more ambitious research such as the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) human-on-a-chip program, have captured the imagination and attention of the press and general public.  To move beyond research these technologies need to be embraced by pharmaceutical companies and regulators alike, and CN Bio’s success in securing a sixth pharmaceutical partner for its Quantum-B® technology is evidence of our significant progress in that regards.”

The Economist is a business and world affairs newspaper with a weekly global circulation in excess of 1.5 million copies.  The full organ-on-chips article is available on The Economist website, here.

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