As new drug treatments are developed, quicker and much more precise technology which predicts the effect these chemical and biological substances have on human organs are also becoming available.

These technologies will be important particularly for pharmaceutical and biotech companies as they look towards the future. Will these companies continue be able to stand in front of the regulators with “standard” animal data, and provide persuasive evidence on how safe and effective these medicines are going to be when given to a human being? Or will they need to test these drugs on actual human tissues using new Organ-on-Chip devices.

CN Bio’s Organ-on-Chip technology comes out of bio-engineering labs at Oxford, MIT and Vanderbilt Universities, and enables human cells to function in the lab as they would within the organ.

CN Bio is also collaborating with the US FDA to use Organ-on-Chips to improve drug development and evaluation.

[youtube id=”5oBUCwFRzIU”]

In this interview, CEO of CN Bio Dr Emma Sceats talks to PharmaVentures Insights about the opportunities for a step change in testing drugs, cosmetics and consumer goods.

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