View this webinar by industry specialists Xtalks to discover how to run Organ-on-a-Chip studies in your own lab to enhance research. The webinar covers:

  • Walkthrough of an Organ-on-Chip workflow: lab set-up, seeding and culturing cells, dosing, sampling and analysis
  • Practical advice and resources to support successful Organ-on-a-Chip studies: equipment, cell selection, protocols, assays and data analysis
[youtube id=”6d0k5NQe290″]

The webinar is designed for senior professionals from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, CROs, academia and research institutes, including:

  • Cell Biologists
  • Preclinical / Translational Development Managers
  • Research & Development Managers
  • Senior Scientists
  • Pre-market Stewardship
  • Principal Investigators
  • Project Managers
  • Therapeutic Area Mangers
  • Chief Scientific Officers / Chief Technology Officers
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows

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