Oncology Service

Explore drug pharmacokinetics, scheduling and combinations without xenografts

Our unique Oncology Service combines innovative technology with deep cell culture expertise to enable a first – the in vitro exploration of the relationship between PK/PD and efficacy.

Use this service to validate and explore in vivo or in silico findings and perform novel experiments otherwise not possible.

How this service can help:

  • Apply murine and human PK profiles to in vitro tumour models
  • Explore the effects of combination therapies and dosing schedules
  • Validate in silico predictions
  • Define PK/PD relationships to guide xenograft or clinical study design
  • Investigate the human relevance of xenograft results

How the service works:

  1. Work with our specialist team to create an experimental design using your PK profiles
  2. Submit your test article and cell line, organoid or patient derived material for culture in 2D or 3D
  3. We perform the study accurately recreating in vivo or in silico PK profiles for either a single drug or 2 drugs in combination
  4. Receive a full report with the option to obtain cell and medium samples for molecular investigations

Innovative technology recapitulates the efficacy of anticancer drug combinations on SW620 3D tumoroids

PK profiles for Drug 1 (Cmax=20nM) and Drug 2 (Cmax=162nM), applied to SW620 3D tumoroids, using our proprietary PhysioMimix™ PK, for 6 days. (click image to enlarge).

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