CN Bio have worked with more than 25 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies completing studies to evaluate efficacy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and toxicity for drug modalities including small molecules, biologics and gene silencing therapies.

Liver metabolism and toxicity studies

Our liver-on-a-chip recapitulates the structure and microenvironment of the human liver sinusoid and enables the co-culture of human hepatocytes with other cell types including Kupffer cells, NK and T-cells to enable modelling of innate and adaptive immune responses. The liver tissues remain functional and phenotypically stable for over forty days enabling studies of both acute and chronic responses.

Readouts include:

  • Gene and/or protein expression profiling
  • Cell health (LDH, Albumin, Urea, ALT)
  • Imaging/microscopy
  • DMPK: Metabolites, CYP activity
  • Toxicology: MTT, GSH, caspases, cytokine secretion, lipid accumulation
  • and more…

Organ-on-Chip & Disease Model Services

CN Bio has established organ-on-chip models of liver disease including Hepatitis B and non-alcoholic fatty liver/Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NAFLD/NASH) which can be accessed through service agreements with CN Bio.

Our Hepatitis B model, known as Quantum-B®, is:

  • a full viral lifecycle model of Hepatitis B infection of human liver
  • created using patient derived virus or cell culture virus (HepG2.2.15)
  • viral intermediates measured in the model include: cccDNA, pgRNA and sgRNA

Our NASH model:

  • includes primary human hepatocytes, Kupffers and stellate cells
  • lipid accumulation in the model can be controlled through physiological modification of media supplements
  • steatotic and fibrotic phenotypes are readily created and measured in the model

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Non-liver Organ-on-chip prototype devices are also now available from CN Bio. Researchers should refer to our Collaborate page to find out more about becoming an early adopter.