Organ Chip

Our Organ Chip devices are designed to recapitulate the physiological and mechanical microenvironment of specific organs in a multiwell format. Ideally suited for high information content assays involving primary cells, co-cultures or multicellular cultures.

Modular Chip

Our Modular Chip devices are designed to provide an introduction to microfluidic cell culture in a plate-based format more familiar to the majority of cell biologists than bioreactor or lab-on-a-chip approaches.

Ancillary Equipment

The CN Bio platforms are pneumatically driven and controlled by intuitively designed, digital touchscreen controllers.


PhysioMimix devices offer the highest level of functionality and configurability for high information content assays with complex Microphysiological multi-organ systems. Arising directly from the DARPA PhysioMimetics consortium, PhysioMimix™ platforms offer scientists the capability to perform highly sophisticated multi-organ experiments. If you would like to find out more about CN Bio’s capabilities in designing bespoke multi-organ platforms please get in touch and our team would be happy to discuss your needs.