Organ-on-chip Webinar

Organ-on-Chip devices are being hailed as the key to faster, more accurate drug development and precision medicine. Join this workshop – one of the first of its kind – to get hands-on-experience of the most advanced commercial Organ-on-Chip devices.

CN Bio’s products are being used by the FDA to speed up drug development and evaluation, and are installed in industry and academic labs in Europe and the USA.

Nortis’ products today are being widely adopted by pharma and biotech for kidney, liver, immuno oncology and blood brain barrier toxicology studies and drug discovery research. They will be installed on the International Space Station to study the effect of weightlessness on kidney damage!

This interactive workshop will provide a detailed walkthrough of Organ-on-Chip technologies including assay examples, practical advice and resources to support the successful evaluation, installation and use of these devices in your own labs and research programmes.

Tuesday June 12th
16:00 BST / 11:00 EDT / 8:00 PDT


  • Dr Emma Sceats, CEO, CN Bio Innovations
  • Dr David Hughes CTO, CN Bio Innovations
  • Dr Henning Mann VP Science, Nortis Bio

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