CN Bio Innovations is at the forefront of developing Organ-on-Chip and microfluidics technologies as superior alternatives to animal testing.

Tools for predictive biology

CN Bio’s systems and life science tools allow scientists to gather accurate predictive data about whether drugs, cosmetics and other chemicals will be safe and effective for humans.

CN Bio specialise in organ-on-chip micro-fluidic technnology

Accelerating healthcare innovation

The pace of new drug development has been declining, in large part because safety and efficacy in humans is not well predicted by animal studies. To realise the benefits of personalized medicine, clinicians also require precise data for patient stratification.

Human relevant data

CN Bio’s microfluidic chips replicate the structure and function of human organs, and enable precise control over tissue microenvironment so that physiological processes and drug exposures can be replicated in vitro.

Streamlined Organ-on-a-Chip Products

CN Bio has developed a range of Single-Organ and Multi-Organ-on-a-Chip plates. In contrast with many microfluidic cell culture devices, CN Bio’s solution offers a streamlined product that gives the user an experience much closer to working with a standard multi-well plate. Offering advantages of reasonable throughput (10’s-100’s test articles) and low non-specific binding of small molecule drugs or biologics, CN Bio’s Organ-on-Chip plates can be set up in any standard cell culture incubator and are linked to a single piece of hardware which automates the microfluidic control. Multiple Organ-on-Chip plates can be connected to each hardware device maximising the number of experiments that can be simultaneously performed using each installed device.

Streamlined Organs-on-a-Chip solutions by CN Bio

Streamlined Organs-on-a-Chip solutions by CN Bio featured in this short video.

Key features:

  • Open-well device, rather than a closed lab-on-chip. Intuitive to use, enables easy access to cells and cell culture media for analysis (by humans or automated processes)
  • Materials of construction carefully selected and optimised to minimise drug sorption
  • The number of cells to the volume of media in each well has been optimised to allow a wide variety of analysis (e.g. –omics)
  • Extremely robust pneumatically actuated fluidics
Features of CN Bio Organ on Chip device

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