About Us

CN Bio develops human organ-on-chip technologies: devices that enable the formation of miniature models of human organs in the lab. We provide products and services to the pharmaceutical industry and in the past 3 years have used our proprietary organ-on-chip models in drug discovery and drug safety programs with more than 25 pharmaceutical companies. CN Bio has also pursued research to develop disease organ-on-chip models with successful programmes resulting in novel models of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and Hepatitis B virus infection.

Working closely with academic pioneers in the bio-engineering field, and backed by prestigious grant awards from sponsors including DARPA and Innovate UK, CN Bio continues to develop next generation organs-on-chips. CN Bio was a co-recipient with MIT in 2012 of a $26M US Federal contract to develop a “body-on-a-chip”: our team being the first to meet the final program milestone of developing a 10-organ platform in May 2017.

Why Organ-on-a-Chip?

    • CN Bio’s Organs-on-chip devices are designed to recreate the physiological and mechanical microenvironment of human organs
    • CN Bio’s Organs-on-Chips permit long-term culture of primary human cells, iPSC and cell lines enabling novel biology and pharmacology research
    • Disease organ-on-chips can be created using physiological stimuli which ensure that the deep biology (signalling pathways, target proteins) is truly representative of the human disease
    • Under a US Federal contract and in partnership with MIT, multi-organ devices including a 10-organ human “body-on-a-chip” have been created allowing for the first time in vitro insights into organ-organ interactions