Since its founding in 2009 CN Bio has performed collaborative research with academic and pharmaceutical laboratories around the world including the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and University College London in the UK, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US.

Technology Access

CN Bio has worked with many academic pioneers in the bio-engineering field to develop and translate university intellectual property to market-ready products. Work has been backed by CN Bio or by co-application/co-receipt of prestigious grant awards from sponsors including United States Federal agencies, Innovate UK and the EU Framework Project funding vehicles.

CN Bio are happy to discuss technology access and research partnerships with academics looking to:

  • Jointly develop or have commercialised new and innovative organ-on-chip platforms
  • Jointly develop or have commercialised Organ-on-Chip or in vitro disease models
  • Incorporate sensors and imaging into microfluidic platforms
  • Evaluate novel compounds or disease modifying agents in CN Bio’s established disease models

Corporate collaborators

CN Bio have collaborated with many pharmaceutical and biotech partners to develop and utilize established or bespoke Organ-on-Chip models to facilitate the partner’s drug discovery programs. CN Bio is open to discussions with partners willing to undertake genuinely collaborative R&D programs which may be fully financed by the partner or co-financed by CN Bio with long term key milestones and/or revenue share provisions. Partnerships may include:

  • Development of bespoke disease models
  • Studies using prototype Multi-organ or Single-organ-on-chip devices
  • Use of Organ-on-Chip models for Hit/Lead drug screening
  • Use of Organ-on-Chip models for target discovery in combination with computational systems biology approaches

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